Privacy Policy

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Every picture I’ll share you. Every picture I upload is my own heaven I will take and share. I don’t borrow or upload these pictures anyone else’s site, but you don’t download the pictures or upload the pictures or abuse any other way without my permission. If so, I will copyright. If the images are to buy pictures, the setup is included in contact with us. Its purpose is to make service to you.

This site is committed to protecting your privacy. This Privacy Policy informs you of the collection of collection, use and disclosure of your personal data. It does not apply to websites or services linking to another privacy notice.

Collection of your personal information

The data we collect depends on how you interact with us and websites you use and you take the choices you make. We gather and process your personal data to protect the system’s system and meet other legitimate interests. The information you provide directly with your consent or the products you want to buy from the site are legally registered.

Information you provide directly

The information you provide us is safely stored in our own files. For example, we may collect your name, fax number, email address, location, country, gender, phone number, your personal data, or other information demographic. If you want to make a purchase, we may collect your credit card numbers and other payment information.

The information is automatically collected

We collect some types of information such as the website you refer to us, your IP address, browser type and access time. Pages you see, we may collect information, including links you click on links, and other activities you do in connection with the site you are using. We can collect more information through the use of technologies.

Use of personal data

This site is assured that your transaction with our site will give you the services and collecting your personal information and providing satisfactory services. We do not disclose or share your personal information with the persecution that is in any way between us and you and you.

We will work for you according to your interest. Please will set you up in any way to ask the question. No communication between us will always be safe. The updates, support, technical notifications and messages are informed. Enter the services you want. Registered for any form of benefits or rights for any form of benefits or rights. Website forces will be set up by the exact access of access to mobile.

Retaining and data

We will not abuse your contracts to validate, implement the legal liabilities on our site, or to satisfy, to meet, and to meet, and to meet, or to meet our agreements, or for another purpose.

Protect your personal information

Keeping your personal information safe is our main duty. However, the password you provide and account details and other personal information should be a confidential code different from others. In some cases, your personal information will be encrypted when transferred to the site’s management system. A protection through the Internet and Electronic Storage 100% is not secure, so even when we try to secure your personal information, we cannot guarantee its complete security.

Change in Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy can make changes on this site. If the changes will have to edit the changes, legally changes. But they will receive the upgrade of the conversion policy for those who are spent with us.

Social media

We don’t want to share personal data with social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Shared data is not subject to such third parties privacy policies of such third parties. The information you collect from these platforms will not be used or disclosed as described with information collected from other sources.


Our site may use our site to collect information 18 years or older. Although you are under 18 or older, you can enter information on this site or to engage in our Services. Children can take photos from our site and use photos without copyright.